Top 10 Best Snowshoes of 2017 Buying Guide

From flat terrain to steep slopes. From groomed trails to fluffy deep powder. The best of snowshoes allow you to explore the vast winter wonderland with ease; no more post-holing, no more tumbling down, and no more cramp-inducing awkwardness. The question is which one is the perfect snowshoe for you.

For many hikers, winter means a no-go. Big snow that covers the local trails and mountains isn’t really fun to deal with; unless you have a pair of nice snowshoes. This winter hiking gear has been around since a long time ago but becoming increasingly popular only in the recent time. That could mean good and bad news. Good thing about it is manufacturers are forced to keep refining and making new innovation for their snowshoes to keep ahead of the competition. The bad news is with such vast options of snowshoes today, it could be challenging for first time snowshoers to pick out the right gears. Rest assured, we’ve made our top 10 picks of the best snowshoes that suit various needs. Should you want to do more research on your own, we’ve also included an ultimate snowshoe buying guide.

In most cases, affordable recreational snowshoes like MSR Evo is good enough for first time snowshoers. It’s lightweight and equipped with decent traction systems that allow the wearer to travel groomed trails and moderate rolling terrain with ease. However, if you hope to blaze your way through the off-trails, exploring the quiet and remote backcountry drifts, you’re going to need advanced backcountry snowshoes like MSR Lightning Ascent or Tubbs Mountaineer.

Another important thing to note is the size or length of the snowshoes. In case you wonder, yes, all of these snowshoes are available in a number of sizes. You have to take your weight load into account in order to choose the proper length of your snowshoes. For more info about this, you can head to our specific post about snowshoe sizing guide.

1.MSR Lightning Ascent – Best Backcountry Snowshoes

In a Nutshell
What’s Hot: Lightweight, remarkable traction, great flotation.

What’s Not: Straps-in feature not user-friendly.

Best Applications: Technical steep terrain, deep snow, advanced backcountry off-trails

MSR Lightning Ascent has been the favorite snowshoes of many winter explorers for quite some time now. With its precisely designed frames and advanced traction systems, it’s not that hard to agree that it’s the best snowshoes for backcountry exploration. The decking is constructed of a lightweight nylon, weighing in no more than 4-pounds overall. It’s arguably one of the lightest snowshoes ever made, which is exactly what you need if you wish to travel over long distance or steep hills.

The wide oval frames of MSR Lightning Ascent offer an outstanding flotation in powdery situations. It won’t be much of a handicap too, should you wear it on groomed trails and hard packed snow, thanks to the lightweight design. As for the traction, you need not doubt it the slightest. With big underfoot crampons that work together with heel brakes and a series of cleats running along its outer frames, it’s safe to say that it’s the grippiest snowshoes there is currently.

2.Tubbs Mountaineer – Best Snowshoes for All Terrain

In a Nutshell
What’s Hot: Good for both recreational and backcountry trekking, comfortable bindings, unmatched flotation.

What’s Not: Heavy and bulky

Best Applications: Groomed trails, intermediate to advanced backcountry terrain, deep snow

Tubbs Mountaineer is actually meant to be backcountry-oriented snowshoes, just like MSR Ascents. However, the less technical traction systems allow for more efficient movement on moderate rolling terrain, making it also ideal for recreational use. For beginners, Tubbs Mointaineer can be an interesting option too since these snowshoes incorporate a binding that’s presumably the easiest and the most comfortable in comparison to the typical models. The twin straps are supported with a panel that covers your forefoot. It’s not only comfortable but very secured too.

Tubbs Mountaineer is the only snowshoes available in size of 36-inch, which is the longest of all. This can be great if you like to travel with huge weight loads, or if you yourself is a big person. In terms of flotation, these snowshoes also fare among the highest. Unfortunately, Tubbs Mountaineer is a tad on the heavy side (5 pounds, more or less). So, if you have regular to small figure, you may have to struggle a bit as you stride with them attached on your boots.

3.MSR Evo – Best Snowshoes on a Budget

In a Nutshell
What’s Hot: Affordable, lightweight, versatile, good traction, user-friendly bindings

What’s Not: Available only one size

Best Applications: Beginner trails, groomed/ packed snow, intermediate slopes
For those of you looking to get your first experience exploring winter trails with snowshoes, you’d have your best shot going with MSR Evo. It’s far more affordable than the previous two models. It’s lightweight and best of all, it performs surprisingly well on many different snow conditions. The traction isn’t all that bad either. The crampons beneath the front foot look pretty solid and yet, it’s still equipped with lateral side rails made of steel. That’s more than enough grip to help you wander around moderate slopes safely.

The frames and decking are made of one part. They dub it UniBody construction. It’s all plastic; lightweight, sturdy but can make quite some noise when used on hard pack. Another thing to note is MSR Evo is only available in one size, 22-inch. With such length, you will have a hard time exploring soft powder with these snowshoes. Good news is it’s compatible with an add-on flotation tails that give it additional 6-inch length.

4.Crescent Moon Composite Kilo Run – Best Snowshoes for Running/ Racing

In a Nutshell
What’s Hot: Ultralight carbon construction, good overall flotation

What’s Not: Very costly

Best Applications: Running, fitness
The requirement to make the best running snowshoes is entirely different from that of typical backcountry snowshoes. Not only must it offer good flotation, but also it has to be lightweight and compact as to allow for efficient and unrestrained movement on the snowy tracks. Crescent Moon Composite Kilo Run fits in perfectly in those criteria. The only shortcoming about it is probably the high price tag.

Crescent Moon Composite Kilo Run is very popular among snow runners; so much that they start to call it “The Rocket”. Sporting an all carbon construction, these ultralight snowshoes won’t drag your feet down as you run on the winter trails. Its long frames combined with tapered tail design helps with the overall flotation while still enabling you to make each step easily. To cut off the weight even further, the bindings can be removed completely. Its design allows you to mount your running shoes right to the decks.

5.Atlas 10 Series Snowshoes

In a Nutshell
What’s Hot: Nimble on hard pack, lightweight, secure, good traction for flat to rolling terrain

What’s Not: Difficult bindings, not enough flotation for deep snow

Best Applications: Hard pack, groomed trails, rolling hills, intermediate terrain
Atlas 10 Series snowshoes are an excellent choice for beginner to intermediate snowshoers. Sporting fixed rotation bindings, these snowshoes are very easy to move on hard pack, making them ideal for trail walking, day hiking and hut trips. The rubbery webbing straps that connect the platform with the boot attachment are flexible and create spring-like effect as you step. The result is nimble snowshoes that respond well to fast walking. Still about the bindings, the straps and plastic pad that secure your boots in these snowshoes are a bit of hassle to deal with initially. They tend to curl in, requiring more works from your end. Luckily, once they’re set, they stay secure the whole time.

Atlas 10 Series snowshoes come with three size options: 25, 30, and 35 inches. They feature the company’s trademark V-shaped frames with tapering tails at the back. They do not drag snow as you move forward but have a tendency to fling snow at your back. As for the traction, these snowshoes easily knock out any competing models. Despite being labeled as flat terrain snowshoes, you can take them to climb some moderate slopes in the backcountry. The crampons work well at gripping uneven surface, ensuring a safe and relatively easy ascent for you. Just make sure you don’t climb a very steep incline, though.

6.Tubbs Wilderness

In a Nutshell
What’s Hot: Easy to use bindings, comfortable for traveling with loaded pack

What’s Not: Heavy, decking material seems cheap, stiff for hard packed snow

Best Applications: Winter backpacking, beginner trails, moderate backcountry
Tubbs Wilderness is a perfect choice if you want to step up from the novice-friendly groomed trails to a more challenging rolling terrain. Featuring easy to use bindings, these snowshoes should be exciting for beginners to intermediate winter hikers. The combination of Soft Tec decking with oval aluminum frames feels a bit heavy but they do provide good enough flotation on knee-deep soft powder. You won’t likely find yourself post-holing as you walk with them. However, if you look to enjoy the best flotation on deep snow, go with Tubbs Mountaineer.

Tubbs Wilderness is equipped with semi-aggressive crampons fixed at the bottom of your feet balls. The supporting side rails bite the snow firm enough to provide you with traction as you make a cross over moderate slopes. The thing where they excel the most is the stability. If you’d like to spend some night on the outside with your loaded backpack, Tubbs Wilderness is the best snowshoes for you.

7.Atlas Elektra 12

In a Nutshell
What’s Hot: Lightest frames, comfortable binding, good flotation

What’s Not: Expensive, tails too long they kick up snow

Best Applications: Intermediate terrain, rolling hills, backcountry
Atlas Elektra is a series of snowshoes built specifically for women. Now these snowshoes have many different iterations each of which comes with different specifications and prices. The most advanced and most expensive model is Elektra 12. They’re mainly intended for backcountry trekking on the beaten path off-trails. However, they’re comfortable enough to be used on groomed snow, thanks to the lightweight design.

If you don’t like the steep price tag of Elektra 12, the Elektra 10 and Elektra 9 offer similar functionality for much less. They still sport the proprietary lightweight V-frames that are long enough to provide flotation on powdery terrain, but not that long to trouble you with each step. After all, they’re designed for women who generally have shorter stride than men. The tapered tails do kick up snow, though, if you wear them on groomed trails.

8.Crescent Moon Gold 10

In a Nutshell
What’s Hot: Made in USA, Lifetime warranty, good traction systems, user-friendly bindings

What’s Not: Expensive

Best Applications: Deep snow, off-trails, backcountry trip
Crescent Moon snowshoes are relatively more expensive compared to the competition but that’s not for no reason. Putting big emphasize on quality, all of the parts on Crescent Moon snowshoes are manufactured and built in USA. Largely, they’re grouped into two models: the Silver and Gold series. The number behind them actually reflects the size of the snowshoes. The greater the number, the bigger the snowshoes are. Just in case you need for smaller or bigger snowshoes.

The Crescent Moon Gold 10 have a length of 33-inch that works great for maximum weight loads of 225 pounds. They’re designed primarily for backcountry trip over some technical rolling terrains. Still, since they adopt teardrop-shaped frames with the tails tapering at the close, they should be nimble enough for recreational snowshoeing on groomed trails and packed snow. The crampons, though made of solid stainless steel, are not as grippy as the MSR Lightning Ascent but they’re still among the best you can find.

9.Chinook Trekker Snowshoes

In a Nutshell
What’s Hot: Affordable, lightweight, durable plastic decking

What’s Not: Aluminum crampons easy to bend, no side rails

Best Applications: Recreational snowshoeing, on-trails, soft snow
Chinook might not be the first brand that pops up in your mind when it comes to snowshoeing but it manufactures one of the best inexpensive snowshoes today. While they lack technical features like lateral crampons and high quality nylon decking, the Chinook Trekker Snowshoes will certainly do well enough for first time snowshoers. Available on various sizes, they are an ideal choice for both kids and adults looking to enjoy a fun short trip on the nearby trails.

The bindings on Chinook Trekker Snowshoes are perfect for beginners. They’re easy to be taken on and off quickly, which is exactly what you need if you’re a novice in snowshoeing. The decking is made entirely of plastic but it doesn’t seem to be cheap at all. As for the traction, they come with semi-aggressive underfoot crampons along with V-shaped heel brakes. That’s clearly insufficient to tackle steep hills but you’ll do just fine with them on-trails.

10.MSR Revo Explore

In a Nutshell
What’s Hot: Aggressive underfoot and side crampons, solid construction, heel lifts

What’s Not: Binding systems seemingly not secure enough

Best Applications: Groomed trails, packed snow, moderate rolling terrain, deep snow
For those who think that the traction on MSR Lightning Ascent is too much, MSR Revo Explore is the right snowshoes for you. They sport the same aggressive lateral crampons that go along the outer frame, together with two major teeth under the toes and your feet balls. With them, you’d still have enough traction to explore literally any traverses on the off-trails. However, since the heel crampons are non-existent in this model, you need to be more careful on the downhills. Good news is since they’re stripped of the heel crampons, you can expect it to come at much lower price.

MSR Revo Explore is available in two sizes: 22-inch and 25-inch. That might not be long enough to make you stay afloat on deep snow, especially if you bring your backpack. Still, it’s compatible with the optional add-on tails that should significantly improve the flotation. The bindings on this snowshoes consist of the regular back heel strap with only one strap that goes over your front feet. While it’s fast and very easy to adjust, it’s not as secure as those of the higher models.

Snowshoes Buyer Advice

Types of Snowshoes

As far as the specification goes, snowshoes can be classified into three: recreational snowshoes, backcountry snowshoes, and running snowshoes. Recreational snowshoes can be further differentiated in two: budget snowshoes and mid-range snowshoes. To know which snowshoes are the best for you, you will need to map the various kinds of terrain you’ll tackle. Let’s break them down one by one.

Groomed and Flat Terrain: Budget Snowshoes. If you are just going to cover nearby groomed terrain which is mostly flat all the way, good budget snowshoes should be enough for you. Their size is not very big but provide enough flotation that allows you to move nimbly on groomed trails. Traction is also kept to minimum and bindings are designed to be very user friendly.
Rolling Terrain: Mid-range Snowshoes. A step-up from the previous is mid-range snowshoes. They’re designed to help casual hikers tackle moderately sloping terrain with knee-deep in powder. They feature a refined frame as to promote better flotation over soft snow. The crampons are slightly more aggressive too, enabling you to walk over rolling hills more confidently.
Steep Terrain with Deep Snow: Backcountry Snowshoes. They’re generally designed for more advanced hikers and snowshoers who like to make their way through off-trail backcountry tracks. They’re considerable larger than recreational snowshoes as to provide maximum flotation. The traction device underneath is also more advanced to help tackle steep terrain with ice on high altitude. Often, they’re also equipped with heel lifts to help you walk better on sharp inclines.
You see, there is a lot of different types of snow. There will be times when you’re bound to tackle various types of terrain in one go. In this case, you will need to make a priority list. Start thinking of the terrain that seems to be the most difficult to cover. Or, you can prioritize the one that dominates your travel and pick out the snowshoes that match it best. Whenever you’re in doubt, keep this in mind: it’s always better to hit the trails with too-good snowshoes than wearing the one that seems ideal for a certain condition but put you in awful handicap on another.

Running Snowshoes

The name says it all. Running snowshoes are aimed for regular runners and joggers who like to expand their routine in snowy winter. Many of them are made of premium lightweight carbon composite, so they won’t put too much weight on the wearer. The bindings and traction device are designed to be special too. They enable the wearer to move quickly and comfortably, while also providing good security to minimize the risk of getting slipped.

Snowshoes Size Chart

The second most essential thing in determining which snowshoes are best for you is the size. Generally speaking, the heavier your weight load, the longer snowshoes you will need. This weight load here counts as your personal body weight plus whatever things you carry, like backpack, water, etc. Snowshoes with the right size will provide you with optimal flotation, keeping you above light snow as you’re walking on it. Snowshoes that are too small will not help you avoid post-holing on deep snow, exhausting you way too quickly. On the other hand, snowshoes that are too bulky will only act as an added hindrance on your feet.

Snowshoe manufacturers usually offer a size chart that tells you which length is best for you. Still, in case you’re missing one, you can use the following.


Snowshoes for Women

Except a brighter splash of color, there wasn’t anything that distinguished women’s snowshoes from their men’s (unisex) counterpart. Manufacturers didn’t see the need to make any special adjustment for female snowshoers. Fortunately, this has changed in the recent times. Snowshoes for women have been improved to accommodate both the physical and behavioral difference of women.

Firstly, instead of boasting the same standard length of 25-inch, women’s snowshoes are shortened to 23-inch. This reduces the weight without necessarily compromising the flotation. Furthermore, the frame shape has also been adjusted, narrowing at the back of the snowshoe. In addition, since women’s footwear are generally smaller, the bindings have been modified as well. To sum it up, if you’re looking for women’s snowshoes, do not go for the unisex model; unless you’re more on the big side.

Snowshoes for Kids

Seeing there aren’t many things to do for children in winter, manufacturers also begin to expand their offering to the kid market. Today, you can buy a pair of good snowshoes designed specifically for children. Commonly, they’re low on features but more than enough to help your children move on the snow covered tracks. The bindings are designed to be simple too, so they can be taken off and on with ease. Pricing is pretty good as well. With only a few features, you can buy snowshoes for kids for cheap.

Top Snowshoe Brands

It doesn’t matter how much we try to be objective, there are always a particular brands that pop up quickly into our minds when it comes to snowshoeing. MSR, Tubbs, Atlas, and Crescent Moon are all reputable snowshoe makers that successfully make their own names among many winter sport enthusiasts. Their snowshoes are all of high quality and excellent performance. Click the brand name below to find out the best snowshoes coming out of their respective factory.

Snowshoes Structure

Snowshoes structure can be broken down into two common parts: the primary and additional parts. The primary parts of a snowshoe comprise of frame and decking, bindings, as well as underfoot crampons. The additional parts, on the other hand, include heel lifts, add-on flotation tails, and braking bars. Understanding these parts may lead you to a successful purchase of best snowshoes.


Large oval frames for maximum flotation
Traditional snowshoes utilize wood as their frame. Today, however, the majority of them, if not all, have the frame constructed of steel and aluminum. The higher end snowshoes (primarily used for racing and running), in fact, have step it up a notch by incorporating lightweight yet durable materials such as carbon fiber and composite plastic.

As far as the shape goes, you can either opt for snowshoes with large oval frame or one with tapered tail. Such differences affect how the snowshoes perform on the trails. Oval shaped frames are best for optimal flotation and stability. That’s why it’s frequently used on many backcountry snowshoes intended to cover off-trails with deep snow. In contrast, the tapered frames are often lighter in weight, aiding the wearer to move more efficiently on flat groomed trails. For that reason, they’re commonly used for women’s snowshoes and running snowshoes.


The decking is the part on which you place your feet. In the past, this part was made of rawhide webbing, which is not practical as it requires a good deal of maintenance and is rather short-lived. Fast forward to the present, snowshoes decking now features various kinds of synthetic materials, such as PVC-coated polyester, thermoplastic urethane, etc. Not only are they durable but also convenient as they require less even no maintenance at all. Some advanced snowshoes like MSR Evo has its frame and decking made of one integrated part which improves its sturdiness.


Crampons provide traction for the snowshoes so that the wearers don’t slip easily on packed snow or icy tracks. Depending on the terrain application, the aggressiveness of snowshoe crampons vary. Recreational snowshoes for flat trails usually feature a moderate crampon located under your toes or the ball of your feet. Some others are also equipped with heel crampons for added traction on descents. The most advanced traction system on snowshoes utilizes the aforementioned two and is further backed up by lateral crampons. These are a series of rigid teeth that stretch at the side of the outer frame. You hardly need them, unless you plan on a serious backcountry getaway on some steep hills in high altitude where icy slick terrain dominates the area.


Snowshoe bindings often come in the form of strap-in systems that go over your feet and around your heels. Common materials are nylon, plastic and rubber band-like straps. The function is to secure your boots to the snowshoes. Now when it comes to snowshoe bindings, there are two primary styles. Each of them offers its own merits and shortcomings.

Rotating Bindings: This kind of snowshoe bindings utilize a pivot that rotates up to 90-degree or more as you stride. The idea is to enable the wearer to perform a wider range of motion when walking on the snow. This will cast more snow away from your feet, hence, minimizing leg fatigue. The shortcoming is it’s not easy to step backward with binding that keep swiveling. Anyway, rotating bindings are common in backcountry snowshoes whose ideal application is in steep terrain.
Fixed Bindings: This type of snowshoe bindings are connected to a durable rubber band that goes beneath the front foot. It secures the entire snowshoes to your feet, hence, requiring you to lift your leg higher to make a step. You will likely kick up some snow with each step and that will exhaust you more quickly. However, the good thing about it is it’s much easier to move fast and make longer stride with fixed bindings. That’s why running snowshoes often incorporate this type of bindings.
Additional Features

Heel Lift Bars: It’s a metal bar that stays flat under your heel and can be flipped to add a support while you’re going uphill. On a steep terrain where the ascents are quite long, heel lift can be very useful as it reduces the strain on your calf muscle and also your ankle. They’re mostly found on advanced backcountry snowshoes.
Braking Bars: Many snowshoes with plastic decking has this feature underneath. They act as a supportive traction as you climb up steep inclines. That way, you won’t likely slip backward.
Add-on Flotation Tails: A number of snowshoes, especially MSR, have a frame that’s compatible with add-on tail. This tail is usually 6-inch long and functions as a measure to improve the flotation. You can easily remove them when you travel along packed snow for more agility and attach them back for added flotation in deep powder.
What Makes the Best Snowshoes

The best snowshoes are not determined by the price. The most expensive snowshoes out there may pack loads of features but they don’t necessarily make them perfect for you. You need to consider the type and the size first. Once you make up your mind about those two, you need to take into account the followings:

Flotation: You will want snowshoes that give you maximum flotation on soft snow to avoid getting post-holed too early. It’s mainly influenced by the design of the snowshoes. Snowshoes with a wide, oval frame offer better flotation but they can be quite heavy. Some manufacturers combine such a frame with tapered design at the back to trim down the weight, enabling you to be more agile.
Traction: Much like the first one, the best snowshoes also need to offer maximum traction. Affordable recreational snowshoes often have only toe and heel crampons. Meanwhile the more advanced models are also equipped with supportive underside traction devices, in addition to the main crampons. They will give you a nice firm grip on packed snow and icy terrain.
Security: Snowshoes bindings and fit largely determine the security on your feet. Some snowshoes only fit a few types of footwear while some others come with various fittings to accommodate wide range of footwear. Once you find the right fit, the next thing to do is making sure it’s comfortable and easy to take on and off.
Ease of Use: It may not seem as important as the previous three but you must not overlook it. Why? Because it can be very frustrating to have snowshoes with complex strap-in systems, when you know there’s a snowstorm hot on your tail and you get anxious to hit the tracks.
Best Snowshoe Boots

Salomon Quest 4D II GTX
Best boots for snowshoeing – Salomon Quest 4D II GTX
Although snowshoe bindings support a wide range of boots, it’s best if you go with either hiking boots or winter boots. If you decide on the first option, be sure to pick out the waterproof models, not the breathable ones. If possible, get the ones with Gore-Tex waterproofing such as Salomon Quest 4D II GTX. They’ll provide better protection against snow that might sneak in and soak your socks, leaving you with cold feet.

When the weather becomes a bit frosty, it’s a good idea to wear winter boots. Just make sure they’re adequately insulated and waterproof. You’re not going to deal with mud and slush when snowshoeing but having waterproof winter boots will make sure that the moisture will stay out of your feet. Preferably, chose ones with rubber lower like Sorel boots. They’re tough, rugged, and more suitable for outdoor activity.

As for snowboarding boots, well, yes. They are the most comfortable choice of all and some snowshoes have large bindings that are compatible with them. However, many have proved to be too small for them, so I suggest you stick with those two. Here is a specific post where we cover the best boots for snowshoeing.

Poles and Gaiters

Black Diamond Ergo Trail
Best poles for snowshoeing – Black Diamond Ergo Trail
Given that snowshoeing is a very safe and easy activity, you won’t need to bring poles in most of your outing. However, having a good pair of them has its own merit. They help distribute the weight load and impact throughout your body, reducing the pressure on your knees and back. This is especially the case when you’re going uphill or crossing uneven traverses. By having poles with you, you minimize the risk of getting sore knees and stiff back at the end of your journey.

You don’t need to buy new poles. Simply use your good ol’ trekking poles and swap the baskets with the ones made for soft powder, so they won’t sink when you stick them on the snow surface. You can get them for less than 10 bucks. If you want to buy new poles, however, we recommend getting telescoping aluminum poles with lever lock mechanism and, of course, powder baskets included. Black Diamond Ergo Trail is our favorite but if you think it’s too pricey, here are our top 5 pick for best snowshoe poles.

Next to poles, we also highly recommend you wear gaiters. They act as an extra protection for your boots, sealing the top opening so snow won’t creep in and wet your socks. Crocodile Gaiters by Outdoor Research are an excellent choice. The material is completely waterproof but still allows for ample ventilation.

Why Choose Snowshoes?

MSR Lightning Ascent
Very aggressive traction systems fro MSR Lightning Ascent
Generally speaking, snowshoes offer you three major advantages that can help secure a fun and safe winter hiking experience. They are flotation, traction, and stability. Flotation refers to the ability of the snowshoes to prevent your feet from sinking down into powdered snow (deep snow). Without snowshoes, you’re going to forcefully pull your feet out of the snow in each step. Hikers call it as getting post-holed, a situation where you become very exhausted for getting your feet sunk in deep powder for too many times. It feels like walking with a bunch of solid bricks hanging on your feet.

The traction from snowshoes are provided by crampons, a set of metal claw devices attached at the bottom of almost all modern snowshoes. They will keep you from getting slipped on slippery areas caused by snow and thin ice. They give you the necessary grip to stop and go on both uphill and downhill travel. Now depending on the type of the snowshoes, their traction also differ accordingly. This we will discuss later.

Last but not least, snowshoes improve your stability while walking on an uneven snow covered terrain. The additional width and length from your snowshoes will help you get firmer stance on any lopsided snowy trails. It’ll greatly reduce the risk of getting unwanted accident like sprinkled ankle.

Snowshoes Vs Skis and Split Boards

First thing’s first, snowshoes are far more affordable than skis and split boards. To give you the idea, the most advanced snowshoes by leading brands like MSR and Tubbs cost you less than 300 bucks while skis can easily set you back at over $500. In fact, split boards can go all the way to $1,000. Also, as far as learning curve is concerned, snowshoes win it completely. After all, not everyone can ski but everyone can walk.

In terms of traction, snowshoes are also more superior than skis and split boards, thanks to the integrated crampons. To be fair, skis and split boards are not with zero traction actually. You still can get a nice resistance when traveling uphill with those two if you have the skins (climbing skins). Unfortunately, most of them are sold separately which means more cost on your end.

Still, on the defense of skis and split boards fans out there, I have to tell you that they are much more comfortable. With these two, you just need to glide your feet to move instead of lifting them up, meaning you won’t be exhausted as quickly as when you wear snowshoes. Descending is also much faster as you just need to slide instead of walking.

I found an interesting discussion regarding how snowshoes compare to cross country skis. You can check it out here.

Snowshoes Vs Microspikes and Crampons

Unless you’re going to a full blown mountaineering trip, you will very unlikely need microspikes and crampons. While they are excellent at providing traction for winter hiking, they offer zero flotation. They are designed to be used on trails with packed snow (hard snow) and ice. So, if you just want to go for recreational hiking or even a longer backcountry trip, your best shot is with snowshoes.

Top 10 Best Vanity Makeup Mirrors in 2017

Top 10 Best Vanity Makeup Mirrors in 2017
We are assuming that it’s the desire to achieve a flawless look that has led you to our site. If you are a makeup artist, getting yourself a top quality vanity makeup mirror could see you through to the top heights. Again, for the ordinary makeup enthusiasts, a high-grade vanity makeup mirror could help you achieve the best look before heading out to work or any event.

Today, we focus on presenting you with comprehensive and unbiased reviews of the top ten best-lighted vanity makeup mirrors in 2017. Which are they? What do they have to offer? What features allow them to stand out? Stay tuned! You are about to find out.

10. Chende Vanity Mirror with Light Hollywood Makeup Mirror

Product Dimensions: 34.3 x 33.4 x 7 inches
Item Weight: 42 pounds
Could you be looking forward to standing out at work or any event? Then, adding this high-end vanity mirror to your dressing room could see you achieve your desires with no hassle. It’s a product by the trusted Chende Manufacturing Company. It’s a makeup mirror designed to serve you in the best way and for a long time. The aluminum frame and the wooden base in this unit are among the factors that guarantee its durability.

It also comes with power efficient LED bulbs to facilitate memorable dressing moments. An on/off dimmer switch is also featured in the front section of this vanity makeup mirror for easy light control operations. You can decide to attach it to a firm stand or a wall hung. What’s interesting, this unit is available in two color options: Black and white.

Aluminum frame and wooden base make this unit ultra-durable
Elegant design
110V LED bulbs
Lightweight and easily portable
Quite pricey

9. METRODECOR mDesign Swivel Free Standing Vanity Makeup Mirror

Item Weight: 1.4 pounds
Product Dimensions: 12 x 7.5 x 2.5 inches
Item model number: 0310MDBA
METRODECOR has done all that’s in their power to present makeup enthusiasts with this fabulous vanity makeup mirror. We were impressed by the overall design, construction, and performance of this product. Its body is made of high-grade steel, a material that guarantees its durability. The brushed finish in this unit makes it ultra-appealing.

In fact, you will want to place it at a location where everyone can see it. Beyond durability and elegance, this unit features the standard and 5* magnification modes. Therefore, you can now analyze every detail of your makeup finish before walking out to any occasion. It can also assume any viewing position thanks to its 360-degree swivel capability. Place this unit on your counter-top of vanity and start reaping incredible benefits.

360-degree swivel ability
Standard and 5* magnification modes
Body made of steel
Brushed finish makes this unit elegant
No lighting features

8. OENBOPO Foldable LED Lighted Vanity Mirror with Light

Product Dimensions: 10.4 x 7.8 x 1.9 inches
Item Weight: 1.1 pounds
Getting this lighted vanity makeup mirror by the OENBOPO Company could be the best decision you ever made regarding your looks. It brings you an exclusive design and superior construction to take your makeup application moments to a whole new level. This futuristic makeup mirror comes with 16 LEDs to offer you a bright and clean makeup application environment anywhere.

It comes with no stubborn cords to ensure your room is always organized. With its appealing finish, this unit provides you with the perfect décor for your counter-top, bathroom or bedroom. Altering the brightness of the featured lights is made a breeze as this mirror features a sensor cool touch controller button. Worth mentioning is that the Led light bulbs are powered by 4 AAA batteries. It’s worth way far beyond its cost.

Smart touch brightness control button
16 LED light bulbs
Modern-looking design for a brilliant appearance
Affordable price
Constructed from high-grade ABS materials
Collapsible kickstand for easy storage and carriage
No batteries included in the package

7. Artifi Lighted Makeup Mirror with 21 LED Lights, Touch Screen Cosmetic Mirror Lighted Vanity Mirror

Product Dimensions: 12.8 x 8.2 x 4 inches
Item Weight: 2.4 pounds
Just from its appearance, you can tell that this is a vanity makeup mirror designed to provide nothing but undisputed performance. This is a reasonably priced makeup mirror that features all you need to achieve an outstanding look every time you walk out to an event. It’s also a widely-sort makeup tool by the professional makeup artists across the globe. Controlling all the features of this mirror is as easy as pie thanks to the incorporated touch screen console.

You can use the touch screen function to turn the featured lights on/off or adjust the brightness. Again, you can choose to power this unit’s lights with 4 AAA batteries or connect it to the closest electricity port through the micro USB charger. Its durability is worth the praise as it’s made of premium quality, scratch resistant materials. We also like the fact that this mirror can rotate through 180 degrees to assume your preferred position appropriately.

3 magnification modes: To let you view even the most insignificant makeup detail
Touch screen control console- For smooth operation
Dual power source mode: Batteries or Electricity
21 LED lights- More than sufficient brightness which is adjustable
None identified

6. Chende Hollywood Makeup Vanity Mirror

Product Dimensions: 28.7 x 27.2 x 7.1 inches
Item Weight: 27.1 pounds
The Chende Company is the proud manufacturer of this fantastic vanity makeup mirror. This unit ranks among the best vanity makeup mirrors in 2017 for solid reasons. It’s professional designed and constructed to serve you in the best way. Its table top design allows it to suit application anywhere including the dresser, bathroom, or on your vanity. Furthermore, with its metal hook, you can choose to mount this makeup mirror on your wall.

Beyond bringing you an ultra-clear mirror, this unit also comes with 12 dimmable LED bulbs to allow you apply your makeup even in the darkest nights. An on/off switch is fitted at this unit’s front for easy brightness control. Especially relevant, the featured aluminum frame in this vanity makeup mirror guarantees its durability. It’s available in two color options: Black and white.

Elegant and exclusive design
Aluminum frame for ultra-durability
Table top design that makes its ultra-stable
12 dimmable LED light bulbs
Wall-mount hook
Quite pricey

5. Hamilton Hills Trifold Vanity Mirror

Product Dimensions: 30 x 0.8 x 21 inches
Item Weight: 32.5 pounds
Among the best vanity makeup mirrors is this unit by Hamilton Hills. It’s a makeup mirror that stands in its class regarding design, performance, ease of use and durability. It’s a 3-sided, handcrafted, premium, beveled mirror with a 2-inch beveled frame. Again, it’s reinforced further with solid wood for ultimate durability and stability.

Its appearance is enough to bring any room’s elegance to a whole new level. The featured silver backed glass is fitted with well-polished edges for a beautiful finish and user protection. You can choose to place this unit on your table, vanity or decide to hang it on your wall through additional hardware. A 100% money-back guarantee is offered on this vanity makeup mirror to let you make the purchase with utmost confidence.

3-Sided design
Ultra-reinforcement for heavy duty application
Elegant silver finish
100% Money back guarantee
No lighting features

4. Mirrorvana Rectangular Glass Surface 9.8 inch x 7 inch Non- Magnifying Vanity Mirror

Could you be looking for an affordable, stylish and classy vanity makeup mirror? Then, this unit by the MORROVANA Company is worth considering. It’s an ultra-appealing makeup mirror that lives up to its promises. It provides a crystal-clear reflection to see yourself in the best way. No distortion occurs while you use this mirror for great makeup application.

Its ultra-heavy base ensures no accidents happen with its placement on the tabletop, dressing table, desk or counter-top. What’s interesting, this mirror comes to you beautifully packed in an appealing gift box. Therefore, it ranks among the best gift ideas for friends or family. It’s worth buying.

Ultra-heavy base for optimum stability
Crystal clear reflection
Great gift idea for friends and relatives
Beautiful packaging
No magnification capability

3. FLYMEI® Touch Screen 20 LED Lighted Makeup Mirror

Material Type: plastic
Among the widely sort vanity makeup mirrors, is this product by the FLYMEI Company. It features an exclusive and practical design that allows it to stand out from the large pool of products in this category. It’s constructed of an extra-thickened ABS plastic with a UV coating. This mirror is resistant to chemicals, scratch, heat, fingerprints among other factors of depreciation. With its 10* magnification power, you can now analyze every detail of your makeup and hair for a top notch finish.

20 Pieces of LED lights are integrated with this unit for great makeup application even in low light conditions. The lights source power from 4 AAA batteries included in the package. Controlling the lights is via the featured touchscreen console on this mirror. What’s more, you don’t have to struggle with the viewing angle as this mirror rotated through 180 degrees.

Constructed of extra-thick ABS plastic with a UV coating
10* magnification mode
Rotates through 180 degrees
20 pieces of LED lights
Easy control through the featured touchscreen console
100% money back guarantee
Its black finish might not be appealing to everyone

2. Sagler Vanity Mirror Chrome 6-inch Tabletop Two-Sided Swivel with 10x Magnification, makeup mirror

Sold By: Zaxbo
Product Dimensions: 14 x 8 x 5 inches
Item Weight: 2 pounds
With such an enticing price tag, you may end up doubting the performance and durability of this vanity makeup mirror. However, after further scrutiny, you are bound for a surprise. It’s a high-grade product designed and engineered by the Sagler Manufacturing. This exclusive accessory suits addition to any bathroom, vanity, or dresser. It brings you dual magnification modes: 1* and 10*.

These magnification modes, you can now analyze every detail of your makeup, hair and dressing code before walking out. The fact that it’s dual sided makes it ultra-versatile. Even more, this vanity makeup mirror features a 360-degree swivel architecture that allows for a straightforward transition from one magnification to the other. We highly recommend this unit.

An unbeatable price
Chrome finish- A sure bet in elevating your bathroom, dresser or vanity décor
Dual-sided for unlimited utilization
360-degree swivel design
Quite heavy- An upside for stability but a downside for those who wish to hold this unit for long

1. Jerdon JS811W 8-Inch by 11-Inch Rectangular LED Lighted Vanity Mirror

Product Dimensions: 8 x 11 x 2.8 inches ; 1.8 pounds
Shipping Weight: 1.8 pounds
Item model number: JS811W
There are more than enough reasons why purchasing this lighted vanity mirror by the JERDON Company is a wise decision. It’s a product that continues to thrive competitively on the market since its release. It’s ultra-portable and uses LED lights to provide a bright, clean reflection wherever you go. The featured LED light bulbs distribute their light evenly for the best makeup application. The LED bulbs source their power from 4 AA batteries, not included in the package.

An on/off switch is also featured at the back of this product for smooth light activation operations. Its 10* magnification capability is a sure bet in analyzing your look. With its lightweight and compact nature, you can be sure that this unit will fit on your table or counter top in the best way. The featured tilt stand helps in improving the stability of this vanity makeup mirror. A storage tray is also included at the bottom of this mirror to help you store and organize your makeup accessories in the best way.

10* magnification capability
Lightweight and compact design
Long lasting LED light bulbs
White finish theme makes it elegant
1-year limited warranty
No batteries included in the package

We have attended to our responsibility of helping select the best vanity makeup mirror in 2017 to the best of our ability. We hope that the presented reviews will be of maximum help to you. Go for a vanity makeup mirror that suits your desires and budget appropriately. All the reviewed products are built to serve you with no disappointment whatsoever. It’s up to you to select your preferred mirror from this list.

Top 10 Best Remote Dog Shock Collars in 2017

Pet lovers, and more particularly dog lovers, know it very well that dog training can be a tough challenge, taking a lot of time and effort. To make it a friendlier experience, there have been several innovative technologies over the time aimed at helping you train your faithful friend without putting up with a lot of hassle.

The remote dog shock collars are the best solution to any dog owner today. Professional and individuals highly appreciate these electronic collars since they make it simpler and more enjoyable to train and control your dog. These accessories provide easy to use different operation modes, while the remote controls render it even more fun.

To ensure that you get the best value deals on the market, we have researched and highlighted the top 10 best remote dog shock collars in 2017. Read the following reviews to discover the most appropriate for your dog and budget.

10. SportDOG Brand FieldTrainer 425

This is a dead-simple model of shock collar ideal for sports dogs. It comes with an ultra-compact DryTek waterproof remote. The remote’s thumb wheel makes it simple assigning the front button to either vibrate or one among 7 stimulation levels. On the side is a tone button that makes dogs easily get the idea without further shocks. You can train up to 3 dogs with one remote if you use the Add-A-Dog feature.

This dog collar mode is meant for low-to-medium dog stimulation purposes, and it is ideal for most dogs. However, very large or more stubborn dogs would have to use FieldTrainer 425S for increased shock level. Its rechargeable battery offers 50 to 70-hour utility, and it is simple to recharge in about 2 hours.


Great 500 yard remote control range
Ultra-compact design remote
Simple settings selector wheel
Waterproof up to 25 feet underwater

No LCD readout

9. Fiddo Electric Dog Collar 330

Another high rated remote dog shock collar, the Fiddo’s design integrates RF434MHz technology to provide a high efficiency 330 yards remote control range. It is great in training 2 dogs at once. Its rugged 100% rain resistant design makes the dog’s collar and leash harness great for rough outdoor play, no matter the weather.

It offers 4 operation modes—electric shock, vibration, beep, and flashing light—with 100 levels of vibration stimulation and static shock. It is great for 15 to 100 lbs dogs and 7 to 26-inch collar sizes.


Backlit LCD receiver screen
Easy to use buttons
Power-saver battery
100% rain resistant

No charging guidelines

8. Petronics PDR-1

This is the ideal training system for individuals who are not experienced in dog training. It is extremely effective and simple to use. The remote dog collar system offers four different modes—vibration, static shock, light, and standard shock. It also provides 100 levels of static shock and also vibration for accommodating many dog varieties and sizes.

Its performance ranges up to 330 yards, thus ideal for loose leash dog walking, digging, barking, unacceptable behavior and obedience training. Moreover, its simple design is simple to use and doesn’t hurt your dog.


Very effective
Easy to use design
Ideal for a wide range of dogs
Doesn’t hurt dogs

Complaints about inconsistent shock mode

7. Bark Solution ® 330-Yard

The all-new Bark Solution V-ll Remote dog shock collar allows for incredible small range dog training results. Providing a 300-yard range, it is designed mindful of the common household dogs, for this range easily accommodates an easy and convenient stroll to the nearby park or well-controlled training in your backyard.

The system incorporates every mode necessary for beginning trainers or inexperienced training collar users. They are vibration, static shock, light and tone modes, allowing you to receive the greatest possible results.


Adjustable collar for all dog sizes
Highly power efficient
Effective dog training results

Flimsy buckle

6. PetSafe PDT00-12470

The Yard and Park Trainer by PetSafe render it simple to train several dogs at a go using the same remote device. You can add up to two collars, each for one dog, for three dogs per system. Again, it can be used as a replacement collar for 1-dog system. Offering up to 400-yard range, it allows you to train the dog even without a leash.

The unit provides 8 static correction levels and a lightweight collar ideal for any dog’s comfort. It is ideal for dogs 8 pounds up. Moreover, this collar is waterproof up to 5 feet deep. It has a built-in yet replaceable, rechargeable battery.


Rechargeable built-in yet replaceable battery
Lightweight for dog’s comfort
Ideal for any dog
Great 400-yard remote control range

Complaints about poor battery

5. Dogwidgets DW-3

The new Dogwidgets DW-3 is an incredible performance remote dog shock and vibration collar you can trust when training your trusted buddy. It offers six various momentary shocks and a single vibration level, with up to 600-feet control range. You can use it to correct your dog’s undesirable behaviors.

It is a very humane option, while the strong vibration performance delivers up to 99% results. It has a simple design remote with easy to use buttons. It fits any dog 15 to 10 pounds, with the collar adjustable between 12 and 20 inches long.


6-month replacement warranty
Great for small, medium, and large dogs
Quite safe and effective
Includes wall charger and USB cable

Low setting may knock adult persons off their feet

4. Esky EP-R300-C1

The Esky EP-R300-C1 hardly disappoints. It is a more innovative option that most other models. An upgraded version, it provides high-quality performance and comfort. Its remote is made of the quality durable matte material to ensure a more convenient feel and fit.

Its premium and effective technology deliver top responsiveness and reliable performance. Used well, it can help you with a more effective dog training experience. It works through the beep, vibration, and then shock modes to better control the dog while giving the owner greater control.


Easy to use and reliable remote
Made of durable and convenient material
Power efficient remote
Upgraded charging Internal Controls
Water resistant

Not entirely waterproof

3. Petrainer PET998DBB

Ideal for beginner dog trainers, the Petrainer PET998DBB1 is an impressive system. If you are inexperienced in remote dog training yet you need to improve obedience at home or park, this is your solution. It is designed with the kind of novice dog trainers in mind. It provides 4 operation modes—shock stimulation, vibration, beep, and light.

Finding the stimulation your dog adheres to can be difficult, yet with this electronic collar’s 100 levels of vibration stimulation and shock, it is a breeze. Thanks o its simple design and easy to read interface, it is very enjoyable to train your dog with it.


Very easy to use design
Simple to understand interface
Highly effective performance
Great for novice dog trainers

Complaints about battery life

2. PetTech PT0Z1 57

This remote-controlled PetTech’s dog shock collar is doubtless a great pick for your best dog training experience. Professionals and other trainers concur that it is among the very best effective dog shock collars you can get today.

It is safe and convenient to operate. It offers lots of convenient features, such as the different operation modes of shock, vibration, light, and also beep. In these, you get up to 100 different levels of vibration and shock customizations to select from. The collar is ideal for stubborn dogs or those slow to learn.


A whopping 1200 feet range
Effective remote control performance
Waterproof design
Trains up to 2 dogs with extra collar
Durable long battery life

Improper use may cause pain

1. Petrainer PET998DRB

Another novel product from the Petrainer, the PET998DRB1 is a top-rated dog training shock collar system for correcting small range dog discipline. It offers up to 300-yard range and is designed with the novice trainer and common household dog in mind. The range is ideal for conveniently safe strolls to the park or backyard training. It provides static shock, vibration, and light and tone modes, allowing trainers to enjoy the most effective possible results, yet at an affordable cost.

The range is ideal for conveniently safe strolls to the park or backyard training. It provides static shock, vibration, and light and tone modes, allowing trainers to enjoy the most effective possible results, yet at an affordable cost.


Easy to use ergonomic remote
Effective and safe dog training experience
Power-efficient system
Fast and straightforward pairing
Clear LCD backlit display

Not ideal for very small dogs

Although so many models of dog shock collars exist on the market, not all are created equal. The above options are the best in safety, sturdiness, performance, and ease of use. They offer almost anything you need in effective and great results dog training experience with little effort and no stress.